Raspberry Pi Cluster: A Year in Review

Aug 21, 2022 One-minute read

Raspberry Pi cluster

An update on the current state of the cluster and future plans of the raspberry pi cluster.


  • 1x Raspberry pi 3b (2gb)
  • 2x Raspberry pi 4 (4gb)


What’s it doing now?

Aircraft Tracking

Back in October 2021, I purchased an ADS-B USB dongle to start tracking the flights over the house out of general curiosity. I built a cantennae (shown below), that now sits on my south-facing first floow window sill.

Cantennae & ADS-B Dongle

That little makeshift antennae is receiving messages 50-70NM North around Dayton, ~150NM East into West Virginia, >150NM South into Tennessee, and 50NM West in to Indiana!

ADS-B Tracking with PiAware SkyAware

Self-Hosted Services

These applications have made the leap from intranet hosted to self-hosted.

The Plan (2022 Edition)

Migrate Vaultwarden and Nextcloud services hosted on linode to the pi’s.

  1. Create a kubernetes cluster with k3s, or microk8s.
  2. Let traefik caddy handle all the networking, routing and proxying.
  3. Re-architect and re-deploy all services as containerized applications.